Clash of Clans: 5 ways players broke the spirit of the game

12 Jan 2019

Today we are covering five things players have done that have broken the spirit of Clash of Clans and specifically what I am talking about is ways that players did things that the designers of Clash of Clans did not intend to happen maybe they were within the rules but it wasn't within the spirit [...]

Why you should farm in Titan League at TH10 and TH11

7 Nov 2018

Farming in Titan league is fun and challenging. It gives a large amount of loot bonus. Today I will give some reasons that why you should farm in Titan league. High loot bonuses Titan league gives you a huge amount of resources. Suppose you find an easy opponent having 200k gold and elixir you will [...]

Why Clash Of Clans Can't Be Hacked?

7 Nov 2018

Many Clashers want to hack clash of clans. They search on google, or they watch the clash of clans hacking videos on youtube, but all are fake. The hacking videos are usually fhx server videos. The truth is that Clash Of Clans can't be hacked. Reason As you all know, Clash Of Clans is a [...]

Best League For Getting Loot At TH12

7 Nov 2018

Most of you might be facing loot problems after upgrading to TH12. After moving up and down in different leagues, I found the best trophy range for Town Hall level 12. Crystal League (2200-2400) I find a lot of dead bases in this trophy range. Try to maintain your trophies between 2200-2400 and I can [...]

Is Clash Of Clans Dying?

7 Nov 2018

The popular strategy game with millions of players is believed to be dying. Many of the old players are leaving the game because of so-called 'huge updates.' Developers of Clash of Clans are busy implementing new TH levels while they aren't focusing on what fans demand. Fans have been asking for the use of heroes [...]