How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans (COC) Hack Updated

As we all know that Clash of clans is a famous mobile game available on both Android & IOS Devices. Originally developed in 2012 by Supercell, the game has gained quite a number (44 million downloads to be exact) in recent years. Its fresh update has attracted many new users towards itself.

There are multiple ways of collecting free gems in Clash of Clans with their scenarios:

Scenario 1 is by Eliminating Interference/Barriers

Scenario 2 is by completion of tasks

Scenario 3 is by completing smaller tasks like, updating the Townhall, Finishing crusade..

Scenario 4 is Using Android Play Services

Scenario 5 is Using Clash of Clans Gems and Gold Generator Online


Scenarios & Game Situations:

As far as the scenarios are concerned there is no rocket science in understanding the game. It's easy and interesting. You got to stroll around the field and move things around. Certain scenarios and situations are mentioned below:

Scenario 1: Eliminate Interference/Barriers:

Well, the game starts with a very interactive background of a village field where you got to abolish objects to construct new things in the space provided. For example, as mentioned the things to be removed will be rocks, plant, Sediment ground, etc. and for removing these things, you would require some help as in for replacing rocks you would need gold but for plants, you would need elixir. They are the means used for boosting materials which includes builder tools, Class troops, etc. When you excavate you will start getting the desired gem rewards. The game has some decorative order in which you will receive these rewards.

Scenario 2: Attainment of tasks:

Gems will flow in your account as soon as you start completing the tasks. It again follows some order for granting you the rewards. For instance, after clearing nearly 50 barriers/obstacles you would get up to 8-10 Gems & when this number jumps to 500 you would surely get 20 Gems. There is a section in COC exactly at the top right labeled as “Achievements”, here you can see your progress as you complete the task that also includes gems. The jobs include winning wars, elevate buildings, collecting golds, etc. This achievement section has three distinctive orders which have their own values if you complete the task to the desired level and you will get rewarded. The rewards range from 650 to 8600 gems.

Scenario 3: Complete lower Ranked Tasks.

There are many ways through which we can collect more gems such as doing smaller jobs. These jobs don’t pay you as much but fulfill your needs as per requirements. Jobs include thieving Gold, undoing the units of Archer, updating the Townhall, Finishing crusade, etc.

 Scenario 4: Using Android Play Services:

Another swift way of earning Gems easily is by using google play services. You can use the google rewards application. In this, Google will send you promotional views of different products, what you must do is answer the simple question asked. In return, Google will reward you with some credit and you can spend that credit to buy Gems for Clash of the clan.

Scenario 5: Using Online Clash of Clans Hack Tool

To get free resources of the game like gold, gems, elixirs and dark elixirs in clash of clans there are tens of fake hacking tools available on internet that do not provide any gems or gold in real and all they want in return is a free survey to generate money from you. So Above have been mentioned all best possible ways to collect free gems in Clash of Clans (COC) and it is the Best hack ever which is legit and real working way.

17 Jul 2019