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Clash Of Clans TH10 Upgrade Order 2019 (Updated)

20 Jan 2019

You might be going to town hall 10 or you are already there and you are wondering what you should upgrade as a new town hall 10, then this guide is made for you. I am back with TH10 updated upgrade guide for 2019. From the recent updates, a lot of things changed for TH10. [...]

Clash of Clans: 5 ways players broke the spirit of the game

12 Jan 2019

Today we are covering five things players have done that have broken the spirit of Clash of Clans and specifically what I am talking about is ways that players did things that the designers of Clash of Clans did not intend to happen maybe they were within the rules but it wasn't within the spirit [...]

Clash of Clans: Clouds to be fixed in 2019

12 Jan 2019

Recently Darian (Community Manager of Clash of Clans) gave an interview and you guys might have seen it on Youtube. He went into a little bit of detail about the clouds and to quote what Darian said, "I think we have found a solution to the clouds". So that is cool also he did say [...]

Three new troops that might be added to Clash of Clans in 2019

10 Jan 2019

The Orc The idea is that it is a kind of tanky troop. It does a lot of damage and when he drops the shield he does even more damage. I would love to see something like this coming to THs lower than TH12, maybe a troop that everyone can use or at least put [...]

TH12 Upgrade Order 2019

9 Jan 2019

Hello, fellow clasher. Welcome to the very first TH12 upgrade order guide. Most of you might be wondering 'What is the best thing to upgrade first and? How should I advance my base?'. Today I will be discussing the upgrade order for TH12 and I also want to mention that you need to be maxed [...]

Clash of Clans: Top 5 predictions for 2019

9 Jan 2019

Hello, fellow clashers. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are doing good. Today I am going to tell you five predictions done by Galadon about future of Clash Of Clans. Prediction No.1: Town Hall 13 Yeah, another new town hall. Most of you might be thinking that Clash of Clans just released TH12 how [...]

How to use bat spell for TH12

9 Jan 2019

Bat spell has been nerfed just two days ago but still, it is a lot useful in winning attacks. I will try to help you in using bat spell at TH12. Choosing the right base In order to use bat spell, you need to understand that on which bases it will work. Below is the [...]

El Primo Guide for Clash of Clans.

16 Dec 2018

This mysterious masked fighter turned up out of nowhere, throwing punches that shatter walls with ease! As you all know Brawl Stars have been launched globally and to promote it Clash Of Clans have already started an event including the brawler 'El Primo'. I will try to help you about how to use El Primo [...]

What are Clan War Leagues and How to win them

14 Nov 2018

As you all know first Clan War League season has started. Clans are prepared for epic war. All of the participating clans are ready to try their best for the glory of their clan. I will try to give some useful tricks about winning clan war leagues. What is Clan War League? Clan War League [...]

Clash Of Clans TH10 Upgrade Order 2018

7 Nov 2018

Today I will guide you about upgrade order at Town Hall 10. Let's go to the guide. Note: The guide is outdated now. Click here to read the latest updated th10 upgrade guide for 2019. Laboratory The laboratory is key to getting better. Without upgrading laboratory you can't get better troops in CoC. As a result, you will [...]

Best Attack Strategy for BH6 (2018)

7 Nov 2018

Hey Guys, today I will guide you about the best attack strategy for BH6. By using this strategy, you can win most of the attacks. To use this strategy, you must have level 12 Beta Minions. Army Composition Army composition for this strategy is simple. You need to train beta minions in all of your [...]

Why you should farm in Titan League at TH10 and TH11

7 Nov 2018

Farming in Titan league is fun and challenging. It gives a large amount of loot bonus. Today I will give some reasons that why you should farm in Titan league. High loot bonuses Titan league gives you a huge amount of resources. Suppose you find an easy opponent having 200k gold and elixir you will [...]

TH8 Upgrade Order 2018

7 Nov 2018

TH8 is a level where you really start enjoying the game. Today I will guide you about TH8 upgrade order so that you can max your village fast. Laboratory At every TH level, you should upgrade laboratory first as it will give your troops new levels. A higher level of troops means that you will [...]

TH9 Upgrade Order 2018

7 Nov 2018

Hey, guys today I will guide you about what you should upgrade first at TH9. Many clashers don't know what they should work on when they upgrade the Townhall. I hope this guide will help you. Storages Build the new elixir and gold storage and upgrade them to the level of your existing storages. Upgrade [...]

How to play Clash of Clans on PC using BlueStacks

7 Nov 2018

Playing Clash of Clans on your phone is fun but when your phone runs out of charging while you are pushing or farming can cause great stress. To eliminate this problem you can play every Android game on your PC or laptop. While playing on PC or laptop you don't have to worry about battery [...]

Clash Of Clans: How to use Giant Skeleton

7 Nov 2018

Giant Skeleton event just started today so I decided to write a guide on how to use a giant skeleton. You can use a giant skeleton as an alternative of golems or giants. It is really strong it has a lot of hp and reasonable damage. They cause a great deal of damage when they [...]

Best Leagues For Loot At TH8, TH9 And TH10

7 Nov 2018

The main problem of many players is that they can't find a good league for loot. So today I will help you. Best League For TH8 You can find many dead bases from 1100-1600 trophies so try to maintain your awards between this range. When I was TH8, I used to farm in Silver and [...]

GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8

7 Nov 2018

Hey Guys Chief AHK is back with the latest guide. Today I will help you to learn GoWiPe. GoWiPe is a strong attack strategy for TH8. By using GoWiPe, you can easily 3 star your fellow TH8s. I will try to give a short guide. Let's go to guide. Army Composition Following should be your [...]

How To Reach Champion League Fast At TH8 (2018)

7 Nov 2018

Hey, guys, I am back with a brand new guide. If you want to push to the champion league at TH8, then I hope this guide will help you. By reaching champion league, you can get 2000 gem for your 5th builder. Reaching champion league at TH8 is not difficult but it demands time, but [...]

How To Reach Champion League Fast At TH9 (2018)

7 Nov 2018

Hi Guys, Today I will guide you how to reach champions league fast at TH9. Everyone wants to push to the champion league to get that 2000 gems reward. If you don't have 5th builder you can get it by reaching the champion league. Let's go to the guide: Give time to game. To reach [...]

TH10 Troop Upgrade Order For War (2018)

7 Nov 2018

Hey Guys, Chief AHK is back with the latest guide for TH10. Many clashers ask me to write this guide so I am going to write it today. Almost every clasher don't know what troop to upgrade first at TH10. So I will guide you today. Note: I prefer LavaLoon attacks at TH10. You can [...]

Town Hall 9 (TH9) Troop Upgrade Order For Farming.

7 Nov 2018

Hello Clashers, Chief AHK is back with the new guide. Today I will guide you which troops you should upgrade first on TH9. This guide will focus on farming troops. I will write war upgrade priority soon. Archers If you want to farm on TH9, you should upgrade Archers first because you can use them [...]

BH5 / Builder Hall 5 Best Attack Strategy

7 Nov 2018

Hello Guys. Chief AHK is back with New Guide And sorry I was busy for some weeks. Today I will share best attack strategy for BH5. Mass Barbarian Attack This strategy is easy to execute. You need to train Barbarians in all of your barracks. Your barbarians must be level 10. Builder machine is not [...]

Th8 Upgrade Priority

7 Nov 2018

Hello Clashers, Chief AHK is back with a new guide. Today I am going to tell you what you should upgrade first at TH8. Many clashers don't know what they should upgrade first at new town hall. Laboratory Of course, the laboratory is the most important building for every Town Hall level. Your first priority [...]

Upgrade Priority For TH9

7 Nov 2018

What to upgrade first is a problem of every clasher so today I am going to guide you. Laboratory The laboratory is key to getting better. Without upgrade laboratory, you can't get better troops in CoC. As a result, you will fail to get 3 stars in war. So your priority should be the laboratory. [...]

LavaLoon Attack Strategy Easy Guide For TH9, TH10 And TH11

7 Nov 2018

Lavaloon is one of most powerful and most used strategy. If done correctly you can 3 star almost all bases. TH11 players are again using this strategy. Purpose Of Lavaloon: Lavaloon is usually used for trophy pushing or in war. Some clashers use it for gold farming too. You can take out any base with [...]

How To Get Loot

7 Nov 2018

Hello Clashers Chief AHK is back with a new guide. As you all know without loot, you cannot upgrade any buildings. Many clashers face loot problems when they upgrade their Town Hall to a new level. If you have newly upgraded your Town Hall, then this is right guide for you. The first thing you [...]

Witch Guide For Beginners

7 Nov 2018

Witch is a dark troop and is available for unlocking at Town Hall 9. Witch is one of the most powerful troops if used correctly. Witch raises skeletons that are not very powerful but are useful. Description as mentioned in Clash Of Clans: The Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warrior from past battles [...]

Why Clash Of Clans Can't Be Hacked?

7 Nov 2018

Many Clashers want to hack clash of clans. They search on google, or they watch the clash of clans hacking videos on youtube, but all are fake. The hacking videos are usually fhx server videos. The truth is that Clash Of Clans can't be hacked. Reason As you all know, Clash Of Clans is a [...]

Best League For Getting Loot At TH12

7 Nov 2018

Most of you might be facing loot problems after upgrading to TH12. After moving up and down in different leagues, I found the best trophy range for Town Hall level 12. Crystal League (2200-2400) I find a lot of dead bases in this trophy range. Try to maintain your trophies between 2200-2400 and I can [...]

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